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At Woodbridge Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center, many of our patients come to our practice struggling with chronic pain after a musculoskeletal injury. However, the benefits of chiropractic care go beyond pain management and injury rehabilitation. Chiropractic care enables the nervous system to communicate effectively with the entire body so the body functions in a state of “ease” rather than “dis-ease”. By removing blockages, chiropractic care enhances all aspects of your well being. Our patients sleep better at night, experience fewer illness, have a reduced risk for chronic diseases, enjoy more energy, and are better able to live a full, active life.


Our chiropractors in Woodbridge provides natural, non-invasive, drug-free treatments with highly personalized care for the entire family. We’re committed to helping our patients not only naturally manage pain, but also to enhancing all aspects of their well being. Helping people get healthy and maintain this state of health is our team's great passion and it’s what chiropractic care is all about!

Chiropractic therapy is based on a simple principle: the body functions best in a state o equilibrium and balance. When the central nervous system is able to communicate with the brain and organs, the body is in a state of optimal health. Unfortunately, over time, blockages in the musculoskeletal system affect the central nervous system’s ability to communicate freely. For example, a misalignment in the lumbar spine could compress the sciatic nerve, triggering a radiating or numbing pain sensation along the length of the nerve. While pain is the most obvious symptom of a misalignment, other health problems occur, too. The brain communicates with your fingers, feet, hands, lungs, stomach, heart, back, neck and more via the nerves in your body. When these nerves are compressed, messages between the brain and the body’s organs cannot travel freely. The result: a state of poor health for your body.

You do not have to be in a serious accident or sustain a major injury to have a spinal misalignment. All sorts of activities, accidents and habits, including poor posture, can pull, tug and tear at the vertebra. Nervous system impairment may happen slowly or all at once. Either way, once it occurs, your body cannot simply “reset” this misalignment without help. Chiropractic care provides the support your body needs to reset and realign, returning to a state of ease and good health.

With chiropractic therapy, our chiropractors addresses the root cause for health problems rather than masking the symptoms with pain medication. This approach delivers long-lasting pain relief for our patients and supports whole body health from within. Our treatment programs integrate chiropractic care with therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, nutrition and lifestyle counseling to help you live your best possible life.

Whether you suffer from pain, injury, fatigue or a general sense that “something just doesn’t feel right” chiropractic care can help. For more information, schedule a diagnostic exam with our chiropractor today.


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